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Fall 2007
Greetings and thanks for reading!

Welcome Back and into Fall!!! I must say, after such a hot and humid summer – I’m ready for Fall! I hope everyone had a great summer. My husband and I celebrated our 1-year anniversary! It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year! Time fly’s when you’re havin’ fun! It’s also hard to believe that Pet Pals will be celebrating 5-years this coming February. Thanks to all our loyal clients that have helped us get here and all our new clients that keep us growing  Speaking of celebrations, the whole reason for my topic this Quarter is because we are entering the season full of celebrations. Halloween, Thanksgiving and yes – I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Christmas! It’s all around the corner! Holiday parties and family gatherings and as members of the family, the pets will be a part of the fun. It’s very important that we think of the possible dangers in the months ahead and keep the safety of our pets during the holidays in mind.

Halloween – Leaving your pets outside on Halloween is not a good idea. There are plenty of tales of malicious people who tease, injure, steal, torture even kill peoples pets on Halloween. Here are some helpful tips to keep your pets happy on Halloween. As much as your dog or cat may beg for some candy, always remember that chocolate is very harmful to pets in any amount. The wrappers, such as tin foil, can get stuck in your pets digestive tract and make them ill or cause death. There are plenty of recipes for making home made dog and cat treats. Dogs can have lethal tails, wagging all over the place. Don’t leave any lighted candles or Jack-O-Lanterns where they could be knocked over by a swinging tail or by a curious cat. Not only could your pet start a fire, but they could severely burn themselves in the process. If you are going to dress your pet in a costume, keep in mind that unless the dog or cat is extremely receptive to this kind of thing, you could be causing it discomfort and stress. Some animals don’t mind it at all, but others do not want to be bothered with this kind of thing. They’ll be under enough stress with the festivities going on outside and people constantly knocking at the door. You may love to dress in costume, but then, you aren’t a dog or cat! Have fun, but keep it fun for them too!

Thanksgiving - Turkey, ham and all the fixings can be very unhealthy for your pet. Remove the temptation and discard the scraps of your holiday dinner so the pet can not retrieve them later. Not only can eating spoiled food harm your pet, but eating bones can also cause many potentially life-threatening problems. Spoiling your pet with rich, fatty human food can also cause your pet not want the food you regularly feed it. Don’t kill your pets with kindness!!

Christmas - Holiday dangers to your pet exist all around a live Christmas tree – above and on the tree as well as below it. Pine tree water can be poisonous to your pets, so use an enclosed tree stand or stand base.  Secure your tree to the wall with strong wire or twine if you have a tall tree. Many cats and dogs have been seriously injured by trees toppling over on them. Decorating your tree with tinsel and glass ornaments, ornament hooks and electrical wiring all pose significant danger to your pets by ingestion or contact. Twinkling lights are more likely to attract your pet’s attention and are more dangerous than non-flashing lights. Unplug lights and decorations when you are not at home. Don’t put presents that have food items in them under the tree. Holiday plants that are poisonous to your pets include the berries of the mistletoe, holly, hibiscus, Christmas roses and poinsettia.

Pet Pal Announcements…….
I’d like to introduce our newest pet sitter, Laurie, who has joined our team! She lives in the Botetourt area and is going to be a beneficial member of our team being able to tend to all the pets in that area. So if you live in the Botetourt/Bonsack area and need a pet sitter – Pet Pals will come to you! Please call our office for a consultation with her today! You can also read a little more about her on our website under the “Friendly Pet Pals” section. Welcome Laurie – we’re so glad you’re a pet pal!!

Due to the overwhelming response to our service, I have had to hire some pet sitting help. These sitters were carefully selected by phone and one-on-one interviews followed by a background check. They were chosen based on their love for animals, responsibility, trust, reliability and personality. I am happy to have them as part of the Pet Pals team. I have realized how important it is to have a backup sitter for every client for emergencies. I plan to have the sitter come with me for new client consultations and give the established clients the option of meeting their backup sitter on a convenient day and time for both persons.

New key policy – 2 keys will be required per client (one for the sitter and one for the office). Our keys are anonymously coded and kept in a secure place, but in the event of and unexpected emergency or illness, the office will have a backup copy of the key for the backup sitter to use to continue the necessary care of the pet and home.

On a personal note…..- I finally got to attend this year’s annual Quest for Excellence convention put on by Pet Sitters International. This was my first year to attend and it was wonderful! I won’t miss another one! I met so many fellow pet sitters and learned so many things that I was able to bring back and apply to Pet Pals and our clients. I got the privilege to meet the President and Founder of PSI, Patti Moran. I was lucky enough to get a picture with her and thank her for starting such a wonderful career and service for so many pet lovers. I hope to continue to serve you, Roanoke, Salem, Vinton and Bonsac/Botetourt, well and provide the best pet care the Star City has to offer.

Camels have 3 eyelids to protect them from blowing sand.
You should not eat a crawfish with a straight tail as it was dead before it was cooked.
The Dalmation is the only dog that gets gout. Source: Senie Blake
“Eat like a bird” Many birds eat twice their weight in a day. Source: “Knowledge in a Nutshell”

Fall Pet Pic…..
This is Mandy and Missy!!! They are beautiful Boykin Spaniels. They have been clients of mine since they joined their human family. I used to sit for their late big sister Brandy who was also a Boykin and one of the best Turkey hunters in the state of Virginia. Not too long after her passing, her family decided to get Mandy who shared the bloodline of Brandy, then thought it would be nice to give her a friend and sister. That’s when Missy joined the family. They are the sweetest dogs, full of energy and just love one another, which is quite obvious in this photo. I’m so lucky to be their pet sitter and they are oh, so lucky to have such wonderful parents who always send me the latest pictures. Thanks guys!!! AND congratulations for being the owners of the cuties in the “Fall Pet Pic”

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Enjoy the crisp cool air and holidays to come WITH your pets, but be sure to take those extra steps to secure a safe and healthy environment for them this Fall and Winter! We hope to see your pets during the holidays, but if not – have a fun and safe holiday season!!!!

From one pet lover to another,

Jessica R. Mather
Owner and Professional Pet Lover

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